Where do I host my watermelon stand?

You can host your watermelon stand anywhere – In your front yard, neighborhood clubhouse, pool, beach, place of business, park, gym, swim meet, farmer’s market, track event, art festival, golf course, baseball tournament, restaurant, grocery store, realtor’s office, bank, and many scholarship recipients choose to host their watermelon stand with their ISR instructor!

When do I schedule my watermelon stand?

Watermelons for Water Safety runs all summer long! You choose the date that fits your schedule best!

What can I serve at my watermelon stand?

Anything watermelon of course! Watermelon slices, Watermelon Lemonade, Infused Water, Cupcakes, Candies, Ice pops, cookies, rice krispie treats, stickers, slime, the list goes on and on!

How do I spread the word about my watermelon stand?

Social media is a great way! Share on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter #WatermelonsForWaterSafety

You can also email and personally invite your friends, as well as, make posters & flyers!

Is this activity just for Kids?

No, this activity is for everyone! Many businesses have participated by serving infused water & watermelon treats with a collections box. Others have had competitions (for example, local gyms competing). The possibilities are endless!

How do I raise money?

You can set-up an online fundraiser to share on social media & through email (this is simple and the easiest way). You can also raise money at your watermelon stand by having a donations box.

Are there prizes?

Yes! Every participant receives a Good Citizen Certificate, and the top 3 fundraisers receive a special prize & plaque, as well as, The Most Creative Stand. The Most Creative Stand is voted on by ISR instructors & the Live Like Jake Board of Directors.