Live Like Jake Scholarship

The Foundation’s main mission is to promote childhood drowning awareness and water safety. In order to accomplish this, we encourage Infant Swim Resource (ISR) Self-Rescue® technique swim lessons. We try to help minimize the costs of the lessons for those in financial need by granting scholarships nationwide. Please note that these scholarships are limited to families that truly can’t afford them. The instructors graciously reduce their tuition by 50% or more and it is only fair to them that the families granted scholarships are in financial need. So we ask that before you complete the application below that you take a close look at your budget and see if there are things/services/memberships that you can sacrifice for 6 weeks in order to pay for these lessons. If you are still unable to afford these lessons please fill out the application below and be sure to upload the required documentation. We will not be able to review your application without ALL of the required documentation.

We ask that if you have not spoken with your local ISR instructor that you first visit the website and find the closest instructor that can accommodate your schedule. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU MUST LET THE ISR INSTRUCTOR KNOW THAT YOU ARE APPLYING FOR THE SCHOLARSHIP BEFORE SUBMITTING THE APPLICATION.

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