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The Meaning behind “Live Like Jake”

July 20, 2014

Every child is special and Jake was no exception. He almost always had a smile on his face, especially when he met people. He understood humor and had the ability to create his own happiness from all the good and wonderful things this life has to offer. He loved the simple things like lights, fans, frogs, spiders, lizards, shapes, the moon and his favorite thing, pushing his baby stroller around. Most of all he loved Keri and me, and he meant everything to us! Many times Jake would be playing with a toy and another child would come up and take it from him. He would look puzzled for a few seconds, wondering why the toy was so important to the other child, and then walk off like nothing ever happened. He would then turn around with a smile on his face and find something else that would entertain or fascinate him. He loved giving hugs and receiving them as well…We always wanted him with us because life felt so incomplete without him around. Even if he was sitting quietly in his car seat, his presence filled us with joy. In the 993 days he was with us, there were only 5 days he didn’t spend with us. He glowed with goodness, and his kind heart warmed everyone who met him. We never had to scold him. He knew no anger, lies, deceit, hurt or any of the negative emotions or circumstances we all encounter each day. He was a perfect soul in an imperfect world when he left us. Maybe that is the reason he is in heaven and not with us down here. What keeps us going and staying on the right path is knowing that our family will be reunited with Jake in the end. In 2 Samuel 12:23 David speaks about losing his infant son, “I will go to him, but he will not return to me.”

What does it mean to Live Like Jake? Many people can remember how it was to be a child, full of life, fascinated with nature and the world around them…For Keri and I to “Live Like Jake” means living with no prejudgments, needing very little to be happy, not getting bogged down with petty things or inconsequential circumstances. Also, for us it means to try and be a positive spark to people we meet and to greet everyone with a smile. Many people have chimed in to let us know what “Live Like Jake” means to them. There are no wrong answers if it involves some kind of positive change in your life or the lives of others! You never get over losing a child; you only are only able to get through it and the only way to get through it is by faith. In honor of Jake, we try our best to keep a smile on our face, laugh when we can, and do our best to live everyday like our son Jake would have!

If Jake were asked what “Live Like Jake” means to him, I believe he would sum it up in these 7 points:

  • See life through the eyes and heart of a child
  • Have the ability to see the good in people
  • Find happiness in the simplest of things, especially in nature
  • Know the importance of a smile
  • Be able to create your own happiness
  • Be grateful for what you have and not bitter for what you don’t
  • Realize that happiness is most valuable when it is shared

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